ingrowing hairs

Regardless of your skin type, it is possible to have smooth, soft and velvet-looking skin with regular care and the right hair removal methods. Ingrown hairs are among the problems that women with sensitive skin may encounter after hair removal. However, by using regular skin care and quality hair removal products, you can completely remove the ingrown hair problem from your life. With its products that prevent ingrown hairs and are suitable for sensitive skin and all hair types, Lapiden ensures that you are protected from irritation, ingrown hairs and acne formation in every part of your body, regardless of your hair removal method.

What is Ingrown Hair?

The hairs on the body extend to the dermis and the underlying fat layer and are formed inside the hair follicle sacs. When the hair follicle is blocked by the skin cells, the hairs cannot reach the surface and grow sideways under the skin. This causes the hairs to grow under the skin. Incorrect applications, treatments that do not purify the skin from dead skin, and the body's reaction to subcutaneous ailments may cause ingrown hairs. Peeling, scrub and natural methods can be used to solve this problem. However, in order to avoid this discomfort, it is recommended that you pay attention to the hair removal products you use by taking care of your skin.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Purifying the skin from dead skin is an important method in the treatment of ingrown hairs. The ideal time to do this is shower time. The pores opened with steam and warm water soften the skin and allow you to easily remove the dead skin on the surface of the skin. You can use a natural scrub, sea sponge or dry bath washcloth during the shower. By purifying the skin of dead skin regularly, you can get rid of subcutaneous hair in a short time and refresh your skin. You can also keep your skin healthy and bright by using hair removal products that prevent ingrown hairs. Lapiden offers a range of depilatory creams specially developed for sensitive skin. In addition, Lapiden wax strips are an effective method because they prevent the formation of ingrown hairs. Lapiden Waxing strips both remove your hair from the root and get rid of your dead skin. In this way, your skin looks healthy, smooth and bright.

How can you get rid of ingrown hairs? How to Remove Ingrown Hair?

The hair removal methods you have used so far can cause irritation, acne and itching on your skin. In order to solve this problem without damaging your skin, you can exfoliate to remove the hairs growing under the skin from the skin surface over time. Also, if it causes acne and irritation on your skin, you can prevent infection by using an antiseptic cream.

Lapiden products naturally protect your skin. Why should ingrown hairs and irritation be the result of getting rid of your hair?