painless hair removal

Women listen to their own tastes, desires and wishes in the field of beauty. Like every woman who values ​​herself, you can develop your own methods to be well-groomed whenever you want and not to feel pain while removing your hair. If it seems painful to remove your hair, especially with methods like waxing, be prepared to break the mold with Lapiden. With Lapiden's ready-to-use wax strips and depilatory creams, you can get rid of your unwanted hair painlessly and effortlessly, while rediscovering your skin's wishes.

Is Painless Waxing Done? How to Make a Painless Wax?

Waxing is one of the most preferred hair removal methods. It is often preferred by women as it provides long-lasting smoothness, weakens hair follicles and purifies the skin from dead cells. However, you may not have to suffer while waxing. Lapiden allows you to remove hair from the root without pain with its wax strips formulated in accordance with the skin structure. When waxing with Lapiden, it is possible to achieve smooth beauty with minimum pain. In addition, you can easily achieve your dream complexion by learning the tricks of waxing with Lapiden products with a few tips.

If you have a low pain threshold for waxing and your skin is sensitive, you can have a less painful waxing experience by choosing personal methods. For example, you can choose the right time before waxing. This is when your pain threshold is highest. Whether you are on your period or not and that your hair is of sufficient length are the guides to painless waxing. If your hair is too short and not long enough, the wax will not hold the hairs well enough. Lapiden Sir Wax Tapes can easily remove even 1.5 mm long hairs. In the postmenstrual period, your pain threshold is at its highest level and at its lowest before menstruation. For this reason, the postmenstrual period is the best time for painless waxing. Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also dead skin on the skin. To protect your skin, you can open your pores by taking a warm shower before waxing.

Lapiden wax strips are designed to allow you to remove hair quickly and easily. Catch the gap at the edge of the wax strip and pull the wax strip off as you exhale, in the opposite direction of hair growth.

After waxing, your skin becomes sensitive, so it is recommended to stay away from deodorant and alcohol-containing cosmetics for 24 hours. Lapiden Ready-to-Use Sir Wax Tapes are a painless and practical waxing option that you can use. Also, make sure your skin is clean and dry before using Lapiden wax strips. Apply the wax strip to your skin in the right direction and move it to remove hairs. After using the wax strip, you can use a skin care product to moisturize your skin. Also, regular waxing is recommended to prevent hair regrowth.

Hair Removal with a Razor

Although shaving your hair with a razor may seem painless and easy at first, it is actually not a healthy long-term solution. With a razor blade, your hair is cut from the surface of your skin and therefore you do not feel pain, but using this method for a long time can irritate your skin and cause ingrown formations. Also, hairs regrow quickly. For healthier and long-term results, you can try waxing with the right methods and products, or you can use the Lapiden Hair Removal Cream series.

Getting Rid of Hair with Hair Removal Cream

If you do not want to use a razor and your time is limited, you can easily get rid of your hair in a shower with Lapiden Hair Removal Cream varieties. Depilatory creams do not irritate your skin like razor blades and do not cause cuts. With the Lapiden Hair Removal Cream series, you can experience painless hair removal and at the same time feel smoothness that lasts for up to 1 week. Lapiden is with you for the fastest solutions in your limited time!