use waxing and hair removal cream on sensitive skin

Want to remove hair but are worried about skin irritations afterward? Or are you afraid of facing rashes even though you love wearing the mini dress you want to wear with smooth legs? Don't worry, there are many women who have sensitive skin or who are going through a sensitive period. Well, among the hair removal methods for sensitive skin, is there a method that will allow you to have a hairless, smooth and non-irritated skin at the same time? Of course it is possible with Lapiden! Thanks to Lapiden products enriched with formulas that are powered by natural ingredients and soothe the skin, you can now say hello to the silkiness you dream of and say goodbye to irritated and reddened skin!

How to Use Wax on Sensitive Skin?

Having a sensitive skin doesn't mean you can't wax while getting rid of unwanted hair. Lapiden, with Lapiden Sir Wax Tapes specially developed for those who seek waxing comfort for sensitive skin, allows you to achieve a smooth skin with its effect that lasts up to 4 weeks. You can enjoy a silky skin to the full with Lapiden Sir Wax series, where the moisturizing and restorative effects of almond oil meet with vitamin E that repairs and strengthens the skin. Thanks to the technology of Lapiden Wax Strips, you can use wax strips directly, and you can also easily use Lapiden Face Wax Strips on delicate areas such as the face, bikini area, armpits.

How to Use Hair Removal Cream on Sensitive Skin?

If you say that my skin is already sensitive, I do not want to suffer while waxing my hair, you can choose depilatory products. Lapiden Hair Removal Creams, which can be used in the shower, get rid of your unwanted hair in 5 minutes. At this stage, you don't have to worry about depilatory allergies on sensitive skin. With Lapiden Modern Hair Removal Cream specially formulated for sensitive skin, you can have a bright and silky skin without irritating the skin thanks to natural ingredients.

Tips for Sensitive Skin

You should take care of your skin, which can be affected by everything, more than others. Know your skin type and provide the ingredients your complexion needs. You can make your skin healthier, brighter and softer by using the right products while applying sensitive skin hair removal methods and after the procedure.

Moisture balance is important for sensitive skin. Always keep your skin moist and clean. Avoid using extremely hot water and use moisturizing products after each bath. Also, be wary of the harmful effects of the sun and use a quality sunscreen before going outside.

It is very important to maintain the balance of oil and water components of the skin and to have an elastic and self-renewing skin. Instead of artificial cosmetics, you can choose medical products that support your skin and have appropriate pH values.

Rough fabrics can irritate sensitive skin due to friction. To avoid these irritations, you should pay attention to wearing comfortable clothes, choosing air-permeable fabrics and sleeping on silk pillowcases. You should also use soft towels while drying the skin, and take the moisture with slow and gentle movements. Salty liquids such as sweat and seawater can burn the skin. It is important to wash the body with clean water immediately after sports, in hot weather or after getting out of the sea. For sensitive skin, it is necessary to make sure that the skin is completely dry before waxing. It may also be helpful to soothe the skin using antiseptic products or aloe vera gels after treatment. When using depilatory creams, it is important not to exceed the time specified in the instructions and to completely clean the skin after the procedure.

Your sensitive skin does not prevent you from having a smooth and silky skin. You can easily remove hair, choose clothes freely and make your life more enjoyable with Lapiden's rich content and natural oils powered products!