pratical hair remove

The sudden appearance of unwanted hair and unclean areas appearing on holidays can upset you. However, the hair removal process is no longer as difficult and tiring as it used to be. By choosing the fastest hair removal method available to continue living your life the way you want, you can wear the dress you want and use your favorite bikini comfortably. Knowing that your time is valuable, Lapiden family helps you to provide smoothness by providing the most effective solutions as soon as possible. You don't need to spend a lot of time to get the result you want.

Practical Hair Removal with Waxing

Among the methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, waxing is seen as a way that requires the longest time and is considered impractical. Traditional waxing is a long and difficult method to prepare, it's true. However, now you can get a quick hair removal without the hassle with products in the form of bands, and a feeling of smoothness up to 4 weeks until the hairs removed from the roots grow back. Thanks to Lapiden Wax Strips developed with Lapiden's new technology, you can get rid of hair in a much shorter time than before.

Lapiden sir wax strips in your palm and separate them, stick them neatly on the area you want to remove the hairs. Then, pull the tape off your skin in one go and say hello to a long-lasting smoothness in a short time.

Hair Removal with a Razor

One of the most common hair removal methods is the use of a razor. Recently, hair removal creams have become as practical as razors shortly after they are applied. Although using a razor is extremely easy and practical, it can cause skin irritations and ingrowns in the long run. Redness and cuts caused by friction can occur without the awareness of the person. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful when using a razor, considering the negative consequences as well as the advantage of instant cleaning.

The Quickest Solution: Hair Removal Creams

If you are looking for a painless, non-cutting, fast and long-lasting hair removal method, hair removal creams are for you! With Lapiden hair removal series, formulated with vitamin E suitable for the sensitivity of sensitive skin, soothing effect and moisturizing properties of aloe vera, you can achieve the smoothness you dream of in a short time. Apply the cream to cover the entire area to be applied and wait for 3-5 minutes. Then, with the help of a spatula, scrape the product from your skin and rinse with plenty of water.

In your search for the fastest hair removal method, you can also care for your skin by using Lapiden hair removal cream. With the moisturizing natural oils it contains, Lapiden products revitalize the skin and offer the components it needs. Thus, you can enjoy silky smoothness that feels soft.

In order not to neglect your skin and yourself, the right choices and practical solutions are necessary for hair removal. You can perform hair removal with practical Lapiden products, which is all you need to enjoy life and make free choices in the busyness of the day. Feel happy and free with Lapiden products that are always available.