important points on hair removal

Since the day she met the concept of "beauty", the female body has been experiencing a colorful adventure that alternates between instincts, trends and hearsay. Fashion trends that change every year, explanations and skin care recommendations on topics from make-up to clothing, health to skin care can sometimes cause confusion. In particular, distinguishing between true and false information about skin health, care and removal of unwanted hair plays a major role in drawing your own "healthy beauty" path. If you feel lost among myths and facts and think it's time to unleash your inner antiprincess, you can put aside the rumors about hair removal practices and listen to the scientific facts. Now you can meet the information you need for healthy skin and Lapiden products that care for your skin while getting rid of unwanted hair.

8 Items to Consider While Removing Hair (Epilation):

 1. Lapiden Hair Removal Cream does not darken your skin color.

Like all Lapiden products that allow you to get rid of unwanted hair easily, depilatory cream formulas do not cause darkening in your skin color. Darkening of the skin color after hair removal is actually a reaction of the skin to irritation. Lapiden Hair Removal Cream provides perfect smoothness on a skin free of dead skin before application and does not cause darkening on your skin. It also moisturizes your skin for up to 24 hours after application.

 2. Before you remove your hair, you should prepare your skin.

Before applying one of Lapiden's effective hair removal methods, all you have to do is wash your skin with warm water and thus open your pores. After cleaning your skin from cosmetic products such as cream or deodorant, you are ready to get the best results from the hair removal process when you dry it thoroughly.

 3. Waxing slows down hair regrowth.

When you wax with one of the Lapiden Sir Wax Tapes varieties, the regrowth time of the hair taken from the root is extended. Thanks to its sugar-free special formula, Lapiden Sir Wax Strips make your hairs sparse, thinner and softer. Thus, after each waxing, you can experience the long-term smoothness of your hairs to the fullest.

 4. Tight clothes make it easier to get sunken.

Wearing tight clothes can slow your blood circulation and cause ingrown hairs. Tight clothes, which cause inflammation of the hair follicles by creating an obstacle in front of the hairs that need to come out of the epidermis, can pose a risk, especially for the bikini area. In order to avoid the problem of sunken skin, which is one of the biggest obstacles in front of a radiant skin, you can regularly clean your skin deeply and stay away from tight clothes.

 5. You should not sunbathe immediately after depilation.

After your hair is removed, you should avoid sunbathing and using tanning cream for at least 24 hours. Your skin becomes sensitive after hair removal and is more affected by the sun's UV rays. To make your skin look healthy and beautiful, sunbathing and using sunscreen immediately after hair removal can cause premature aging and color inequalities in the skin.

 6. You should not swim immediately after waxing.

After waxing your hair, your pores will open and your skin may feel a little sensitive. Therefore, you can protect your skin by giving it some time to return to its natural state. 24 hours after activities such as swimming or sunbathing, your skin reduces the risk of irritation and may reduce its sensitivity.

7. Avoid using a razor on your bikini area.

Since the bikini area is more sensitive than other parts of the body, shaving may seem like a tempting solution to get rid of hair. However, you need to be careful when shaving your bikini area. Improper use can cause problems such as ingrown hairs, cuts and dryness on your skin. For a healthier hair removal method, you can protect your bikini area by choosing one of the Lapiden depilation solutions and experience the ideal smoothness at home comfortably and in salon quality. Lapiden Sir Wax Strips offer a painless and long-lasting solution in the bikini area.

8. When waxing, my skin should be dry and clean.

Before using Lapiden products, it is of great importance that you clean and dry your skin and remove your hair effectively. Oily skin, traces of moisturizer, sunscreen, and deodorant can hinder the best performance of depilatory creams and waxes.