proper use of depilatory cream and wax

Although depilatory cream and wax serve the same purpose, they differ in terms of application methods and results. While waxing removes hair from its root and provides long-lasting smooth skin, depilatory creams provide quick, easy and effective hair removal. Both methods offer healthy, modern and easily applicable solutions at home when the instructions for use are followed and quality products are used. Products such as Lapiden Hair Removal Cream and Ready-to-Use Sir Wax Tapes keep their place in your bathroom cabinet with innovations that make it easier to get rid of your hair whenever you want. Whether it's the bikini area or body hair, it's enough to pay attention to a few tricks and tips to get the most effective results from Lapiden products and have a smooth skin.

Things to Consider When Using Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory creams can be your biggest savior when you need to get ready quickly for a summer party invitation that comes suddenly. Moreover, unlike razor blades, it does not irritate the skin and causes hair loss. Lapiden Hair Removal Cream series allows you to get rid of unwanted hair with products specially developed for your skin type. By easily applying the depilatory cream to the area you want to remove your hair, you can get a smooth skin in a few minutes. You can also do your skin care at the same time, because Lapiden Hair Removal Creams nourish your skin with its fragrant and rich ingredients. You can also renew your energy while taking a shower with Hair Removal Cream in the shower. Depilatory cream is easy to use and its effect lasts up to 1 week, unlike razor blades. In order to get the best results, it is important to cleanse your skin of residues such as cream and deodorant before applying. The cream you apply to your clean skin will be effective in 6 minutes for normal skin and 10 minutes for sensitive skin. After the application, you can wash your skin with warm water and protect your skin by staying away from strong cosmetic products containing alcohol for 24 hours.

Considerations When Using Wax

Waxing is one of the most widely used methods to remove unwanted hair. It weakens hair and provides smoothness that lasts for up to 4 weeks. In order to get the most out of this effective method, it is necessary to know the wax types, pay attention to the temperature, direction of hair growth and pre-preparation instructions during application. Wax types are divided into traditional wax, warm wax and sir wax bands, and although these three methods give the same result, the application methods of each are different.

Traditional Wax and Warm Wax

It is important to take care to set the correct temperature when using traditional waxing. The wax should be at the ideal temperature so that your skin does not burn and does not become irritated. At the same time, if the wax is not heated enough, it may not stick to the hairs and it may be difficult to achieve the desired result. By heating the wax at the right temperature, you can apply it in the direction of the hair growth as a thin and even layer. Then, with the help of a wax cloth, you can grasp the layer and pull it quickly against the direction of your hair growth. Thus, you can easily get rid of your hair without irritating your skin during waxing.

Sir Wax Tapes

You can choose Lapiden Sir Wax Tapes method to save time and apply anywhere you want. Unlike other wax strips, Lapiden Sir wax strips are produced ready-to-use and do not need any heating, you can use them directly between your hands without rubbing. For best results, separate the wax strip from rubbing and stick it on your hair. Grasp the tape and pull it in one motion and get rid of all your hair in one go. The gel formula developed with Lapiden's new technology allows you to achieve perfect results in one go, even if you have not waxed before. Generally, you need to wait for your hair to grow before waxing. However, with Lapiden Wax Strips, you can remove even 1.5 mm long hair from the root and experience a feeling of smoothness that lasts up to 28 days. As with all wax types, you can exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin and take a warm shower to open your pores before removing your hair with wax strips.