pregnant belly

Pregnancy is a very different process. We can talk about a completely different world waiting for your hormones to differentiate for you and your baby, new experiences and new adventures. There are significant fluctuations in hormone levels, mostly emotional. The androgen hormone, which plays a very active role during pregnancy, can cause an increase in hair and darkening of hair color. Although expectant mothers who are disturbed by body hair are quite complaining about this situation, you can have smooth skin during pregnancy with Lapiden.

What Should Be Considered While Hair Removal During Pregnancy?

You can also use the hair removal methods you used before pregnancy during pregnancy. The most important thing to consider when using these methods is the possibility that your skin may be very sensitive due to your hormones. Depilatory cream, razor or wax types should be chosen carefully during pregnancy. Lapiden products offer you the practical and comfortable care you need with their structure suitable for every skin type.

Waxing During Pregnancy

You can use wax to remove your hair, there is no risk or problem in this. Since your face and chest areas will be even more sensitive than normal, you can choose Lapiden Face Wax Strips. In a process where your skin is very sensitive, you can soothe your skin with doctor-approved aloe vera gels after epilation.

Razor Use

You can also perform your epilation process with a razor during pregnancy. However, in the shaving process, the hairs may grow faster than normal. You may need to shave every day to deal with fast growing hairs, but this can cause skin irritation. Make sure you use a clean, especially rust-free, razor every time. In addition, shaving the areas you cannot reach without seeing can be quite dangerous. In order to prevent dangerous situations, you can get help during the procedure later in pregnancy.

Use of Depilatory Creams During Pregnancy

Waxing during pregnancy can be more painful than normal times. If you do not want to deal with the hairs that come out frequently when shaving, the best choice can be defined as depilatory creams. Lapiden Hair Removal Cream and Lapiden Modern Hair Removal Cream give you this convenience. Thanks to its unique formulas, you can easily use it from your unwanted hair, enjoy the ease of Lapiden!