get rid of armpit hair at home

You can get rid of hair in areas with different skin structures such as legs, bikini area, arms and armpits with different methods. However, it is important to follow the instructions for use as well as the quality of the product you use and the care it takes for your skin. You can choose one of Lapiden's effective hair removal products, especially in sensitive areas such as underarms. Lapiden removes the hairs in the armpit area and also cares for your skin, allowing you to have a smooth skin. By determining your armpit hair removal frequency, you can easily achieve ideal results with Lapiden's products. While getting information on how to remove armpit hair, you can meet Lapiden's products that remove unwanted hair and care for your skin.

How to Get Armpits with a Razor?

Although it may seem fast, practical and easy to remove your armpit hair with a razor, its effect is short-lived and this method may irritate your skin. Dragging a sharp knife over your skin, cutting your hair from the furthest point to the roots can cause your hair to grow faster and cause cuts, irritation and redness on your skin. For this reason, the razor is not an ideal method for long-term smoothness, especially for those with sensitive skin and thick hair. Instead, it is recommended to choose products that last longer and do not harm your skin.

How to Wax Underarm?

Waxing removes your hair from the root and provides smoothness for up to 4 weeks compared to razor blades. Today, there are many types of wax that allow you to do professional waxing applications at home as well as in beauty salons. Therefore, you can wax your armpits from the comfort of your home and get great results. You can easily remove even 1.5 mm long hairs with Lapiden Ready-Made Wax Strips. To have long-lasting smoothness and soft underarms, all you have to do is stick the Lapiden Ready Wax Tape in the direction of the hair growth and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth direction, and there you go, smooth skin! For perfect hair removal in one go, you can choose Lapiden Ready-made Wax Strips. Get the perfect look of your dreams in a short time with Lapiden.

How to Apply Hair Removal Cream Underarm?

Lapiden Hair Removal Cream series offers an effective solution by breaking the protein in the hair just under the skin. When you clean the cream from your skin after the application, there is no trace of your hair. With Lapiden Hair Removal Cream, the shaved area stays smooth for up to 2 times longer than a razor blade and ensures that your hairs come out softer. In addition, with Lapiden Hair Removal Cream varieties, you can get rid of your hair even in the shower, while Lapiden Modern Hair Removal Cream allows you to achieve great results even in sensitive and difficult-to-apply areas such as the armpits. Lapiden Modern Hair Removal Cream varieties, with its formula specially developed for sensitive skin, allow you to care for your skin while removing hair in areas such as the armpits and to experience the feeling of cleanliness to the fullest with its pleasant smell.

About Underarm Care

Problems experienced in sensitive areas such as sweating, darkening of the skin color and redness are frequently seen skin problems, especially under the armpits. Underarm hair removal and armpit care are very effective in preventing these problems. With the hustle and bustle of daily life and sweating in summer, armpit sweat glands work more actively. This can cause bacterial growth in the underarm hairs and lead to unpleasant odors. Regularly removing armpit hair and taking a shower every day will help you get rid of the smell of sweat and have a soft skin by removing your dead skin from your body. It is also very important to moisturize your armpit hair after removing it. For this, you can choose a hair removal method that will not irritate your armpits and care for your skin with moisturizing creams after the application. In order to prevent darkening and darkening in your underarm skin color, you can choose Lapiden Hair Removal Cream and Lapiden Sir Wax Strips types, which prevent darkening and irritation. For soft, clean and smooth underarms, you can choose the most suitable Lapiden product for your skin and experience the feeling of freshness in summer and winter.