When we have an urgent job and we do not have the opportunity to go to the hairdresser, we may need to get a mustache at home. Removing facial hair adds a cleaner and radiant expression to the face. We recommend getting rid of facial hair to prepare your face for make-up. Lapiden is always with you for emergency stops! So, how to get a mustache at home correctly?

How to Get a Mustache at Home?

Since the hairs on the upper lip are usually darker than your skin tone, it can disrupt the color balance on your face, which can look like unhealthy skin from the outside. Of course, the density, color and appearance of the hairs can vary in every woman. Now we will talk about the methods of removing mustache at home. The most important point to consider when buying a mustache at home is that you do not harm your skin. The upper lip skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation. You should make sure that the wax strip you will use is suitable for facial hair.

  • What you need to do to get a mustache at home is very simple.
  • Warm the Lapiden Face Wax Tape by rubbing your hand,
  • Divide the Lapiden Facial Wax Tape into two,
  • Stick it completely on your skin so that there is no space between the tape in your hands and pull it horizontally against the direction of hair growth.

You can also follow the application sequence on the back of the box or shown on the side to ensure your transaction.

What Are the Mustache Removal Methods at Home?

By applying the methods below, you can get rid of your upper lip (mustache) hair and get a smooth appearance.

Mustache Removal with Wax

The longest effective and easiest way to get rid of your upper lip hair is to do this with wax. Waxing removes the hairs from the root, providing a longer-lasting smoothness. Waxing gives more painless and faster results compared to other methods. In addition to standard waxing methods, the use of wax tape will be more practical. If you want to make the mustache removal method with waxing more practical and effective, you can choose Lapiden Face Waxing Tapes.

Lapiden Facial Wax Tapes are suitable for all skin types. Thanks to its specially developed formula, it does not irritate your skin when used correctly.

Mustache Removal with Rope

The method of removing mustache with thread, which is mostly preferred by hairdressers, is a method that requires experience in the first place. However, when removing your upper lip hair with a thread, breakage in your hair may cause hair follicles to remain under the skin. These conditions can also cause acne on the skin.

How to Get a Mustache with Thread?

  • Cut a synthetic rope about two inches,
  • Put your thumb and forefinger on both sides of the rope,
  • Make about ten turns in the middle of the rope by turning the wrist of one hand,
  • When your rope reaches the shape of eight, inflate your lip with your tongue and bring it over your lip,
  • Move your thumb and index fingers apart and closer together,
  • In this way, the auger on your rope will help you remove your hairs.