Waxing is an epilation method used to purify the body from unwanted hair with the use of various substances.

What are the Wax Types?

There are many different types of networks available today. The person should choose the product that is suitable for the skin structure and the area to be applied. For example, bead nets create thinner holes in the skin for a lighter effect, while glaze nets create thicker holes and have a heavier effect.

Acne After Waxing

It is possible to develop acne on the skin after waxing. These pimples seen after waxing may be different from normal acne and should not be squeezed or played with. In order to prevent these pimples from forming, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before waxing and to use the area you are waxing and the materials you use in a sterile manner. In addition, it is important that the materials you use are disposable. Thanks to Lapiden wax tapes, you can safely say hello to acne-free skin. Thus, you can reduce the risk of acne formation on the skin after waxing.

You can take the following precautions to prevent acne from forming on your skin after waxing:

Powder the area to be waxed with a powder suitable for your skin. This prevents excessive moisture and oiliness of the skin after waxing and reduces the formation of acne.

After waxing, dryness can be seen in the waxed area. In this case, moisturize the area with aloe vera or a moisturizer suitable for the pH level of the skin. You can also use antiseptic and soothing oils to soothe and relax the area.

Compressing the area with ice while waxing is one of the methods that prevent acne formation.

Shower should be taken at least 12 hours after waxing. Since the pores are open in the shower taken immediately after, it can cause acne and redness on the skin.

After showering, choose cotton and clean clothes and avoid tight-fitting clothes. Because such clothes can affect blood circulation and facilitate the formation of acne.

Gently wash the waxed area. The area exposed to excessive force may become irritated and cause acne breakouts.

If wax particles remain on the skin after waxing, gently remove them. If necessary, you can remove the skin parts more easily by using post-wax oils.

Lapiden wax strips do not break down like other wax types and offer easy use.

If the acne that occurs after waxing is painful or there are conditions such as inflammation under the skin, you should definitely consult a skin specialist. Such conditions should be evaluated by a specialist doctor.