Velvet foot care cream is a cream that provides moisturizing and softness to the feet. It is used to prevent the feet from getting too dry and prevents the feet from being irritated. Velvet foot care cream is used by massaging the feet. It moisturizes and softens the feet and provides you with well-groomed feet thanks to its nourishing properties. Velvet foot care cream and Velvet heel care cream help feet gain a softer and smoother appearance.

Caring for Cracked Heels

Your feet cause various diseases for various reasons in a closed environment all day long. Therefore, it is essential to use foot care creams. The feet begin to harden under pressure, especially in the heel area, and the skin loses its moisture. This hardness causes the heel to crack over time. If left unchecked, cracks will gradually deepen and become more severe. To prevent all these, you should use Velvet foot care cream and Velvet heel crack cream, which contain heel softeners and replace lost moisture.

How to Use Foot Cream?

Foot cream is difficult to apply during the day, so you can use it at night after work or before going to bed. If there is a problem in which part of the foot, the problem should be solved by applying cream to that area. After applying the foot care cream to the area to be treated, apply it by massaging the skin. This process relaxes the feet by massaging and solves obvious skin problems. Thanks to Velvet foot care cream, your dehydrated and unhealthy feet regain their health. It is generally believed that all creams have the same function. However, this is a mistake. Each cream has its own area and shows its effect when applied to the effective area. This also applies to foot care. Using hand cream or face cream for foot care is a completely wrong move. The majority of users who do not benefit from the cream usually fall into this misconception. Velvet foot care cream, which is specially produced for foot care, has a formula that eliminates negative effects such as dryness, cracking, dullness, etc. over time. With Velvet foot care cream, your feet are guaranteed to regain their old health. Thanks to the glycerin in Velvet cream, it moisturizes hardened heels and worn feet, giving them a healthy appearance.