Diabetic foot care is a care for diabetic patients to protect their foot health and prevent foot problems. Diabetics may have problems with their feet such as poor circulation, reduced tissue sensitivity and infections. These problems can lead to serious health problems such as wounds, burns and ulcers on the feet. Diabetic foot care is an approach to prevent and treat these problems.

Why is Diabetic Foot Care Important?

The most important part of diabetic foot care is the constant control of the feet. Diabetic patients should check their feet frequently and should consult a doctor immediately if any changes are noticed in their feet. The feet should be washed frequently, dried and kept moist with the right foot care cream. must. The feet should be kept dry, the hairs on the feet should not be cut and the water temperature should be paid attention while washing the feet. Care should also be taken when washing and drying the feet. Feet should be dried with a soft towel and rubbed carefully.

In addition, cracks, wounds and crusts on the surface of the feet should be carefully cleaned and treated. You can use Velvet Foot Care Cream and Velvet Heel Cracked Heel Cream to prevent cracks in the feet and heels. Diabetic patients should consult a doctor where they check their feet regularly. The doctor checks the feet and should intervene if necessary. To treat the feet, doctors can use care products specially prepared for foot care. Velvet Foot Care Cream and Velvet Cracked Heel Creams can prevent you from encountering serious problems in your foot health with their natural structure. Diabetic patients should be careful about protecting their feet. Careful selection of shoes is important so as not to damage the feet. In addition, the soles of the shoes should be flat and solid. In particular, there should be no wounds between the toes and should be checked regularly. Diabetic foot care is an important care that should be done to protect the foot health of diabetic patients and to prevent serious health problems. Diabetics should check their feet regularly and consult a doctor for necessary treatment and care.