home foot care

Feet are one of the most important limbs of our body and they are left without air in boots and thick socks, especially in winter. This can cause problems such as fungus in the feet, and also problems such as odor and cracks can reduce the quality of life.

For healthy feet, it is important to do regular foot care and pay attention to shoe choices. In this way, problems such as calluses can be prevented. You can have soft feet with foot care methods that you can easily apply at home.

How to Do Easy Foot Care at Home?

Doing foot care at home helps a person feel better. There are many different methods you can apply at home to have soft and smooth feet. These methods not only provide the care you need, but also reduce the frequency of your visits to pedicure parlors. Thus, you will be relieved economically while protecting your foot health. Ultimately, it is extremely important for your health that you do not neglect the care of your feet. So, what can be done at home for foot care?

There are many different ways to do foot care at home. One of the most preferred is a mixture of carbonated water. To try this method, all you have to do is fill a bucket with hot water and add 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda. You can dip your feet in this mixture and leave it for about 20 minutes. When you take it off, you can massage with Velvet Cracked Heel Cream and Velvet Foot Care Cream and feel your feet are soft. It is also very useful to cut the dead skin that softens, to use heel stones and to exfoliate, but not very often.

How often should foot care be done?

The frequency of home foot care will vary depending on the pace of your daily life and the method you will apply. It is recommended to do the peeling process on average once every 15 days, so that the dead cells in your feet are renewed. Pumice stone is very effective on cracks and calluses and you can use it after every shower to remove the dead skin from your feet. You can use the mixture of hot water and baking soda whenever you want. You should avoid frequent pedicures.

Trim the dead skin off your feet only when really necessary. Otherwise, open sores and inflammations may occur on the feet. The frequency of pedicures can vary depending on how much air your feet get. You can choose Velvet Foot Care Cream and Velvet Heel Cracked Cream to have smooth feet. It is also beneficial to choose cotton socks. It is also important to avoid wearing the same shoes all the time. By paying attention to all these, you can make your foot care at home more practical and reduce its frequency.

What are the Benefits of Foot Care?

There are many benefits to doing foot care at home. First of all, since you are at home, you can easily perform all the operations. You can ensure that your feet are well-groomed and healthy without having to go to the hairdresser or pedicure salon all the time. This saves you money. You can improve your quality of life with home foot care applications. In this way, you will not experience problems such as foot pain, cracks and calluses. Especially with Velvet Heel Crack Cream, you can give your feet a unique softness.

When you take care of your feet regularly, your self-confidence also increases. When you have well-groomed feet, you can easily choose open shoes. Foot care is also extremely important for personal hygiene. A clean appearance gives you self-confidence. This care is also very important for your health. You can supply your foot care products with Lapiden brand.