Our feet are the foundation of our body, constantly bearing the weight of our daily activities. Unfortunately, our feet often receive less attention compared to other parts of our body, yet they deserve proper care. As the Lapiden brand, we understand the importance of prioritizing foot health and offer you key points for foot care.

Choosing the Right Shoes

One fundamental step in foot care is choosing the right shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort and pain with prolonged use.

Maintain Foot Hygiene

Cleanliness is the key to foot health. Throughout the day, your feet sweat and become moist, so regularly washing your feet is crucial. Pay special attention to the moist areas between your toes to prevent the formation of microbes.

Routine Foot Care

Another key aspect of foot care is regularly tending to your feet. Using foot masks once a week can nourish your skin, and trimming your nails at regular intervals promotes healthy growth.

Moisturization Should Not Be Neglected

Although the skin on the feet is generally thicker compared to other parts of the body, it still requires moisture. Using a moisturizer can help protect your foot skin and prevent cracks. Lapiden's special foot creams provide deep hydration to your feet.

Special Care for Heel Cracks

Heel cracks can be a problem that adversely affects foot health. You can effectively address heel cracks with pumice stones and specialized moisturizers. Lapiden's heel crack cream will assist you in dealing with this issue.