Nail Trimming and Foot Bath

Foot care is one of the most important ways to have healthy and well-groomed feet. The first two important steps of this care are nail cutting and foot bath. Thanks to nail cutting and foot bath, your feet will relax like never before. So, how to do foot nail clipping and foot bath correctly for foot care?

Nail Cutting

Step 2: Shorten your nails using nail clippers or a nail clipper. Leave a space of about 1mm in front of the nails.

Step 2: Cut towards the nail edges. Trimming nail tips can cause nails to grow inwards.

Step 2: Use a nail file to smooth your nails. Make sure the nails are trimmed properly.

Foot Bath

Step 1: Fill a large bowl with warm water and put your feet in the water. Do not use hot water as this can dry out your skin.

Step 2: Soak your feet in water for about 10-15 minutes. This will soften your skin and make it easier to cut your nails.

Step 2: Take your feet out of the water and dry them. Gently push your cuticles back. You can use a foot stone or nail file to remove dead skin around the nails.

Step 2: Massage your feet with Velvet Foot Care Cream and Velvet Cracked Heel Cream and enjoy the comfort.

By following these steps, you can properly care for your feet. Take care of the health of your feet, because healthy feet are the foundation of a healthy life.

Also, it is important that you use the right tools during foot care. For nail trimming, use a suitable nail clipper or nail clipper. When choosing a rasp, choose a soft rasp rather than a hard rasp. Also, the container you will use for the foot bath should be large and allow your feet to sink completely.

Foot care is not only an aesthetic application, but also important in terms of health. Problems such as cracks in the feet, dead skin and ingrown nails can lead to bigger problems in the future. Therefore, by taking care of your feet regularly, you can walk in a healthy and comfortable way.

As a result, foot care can be accomplished with simple steps such as nail clipping and foot bathing. By following these steps, take care of the health of your feet and lead a healthy life.